Wedding Planner Insurance in Vermont

What is Wedding Planner Insurance?

Wedding planners are responsible for managing the logistics of couples’ big days, and planners may be held responsible if something goes awry. While a minor mistake may be quickly smoothed over, more major disasters often have undoable consequences. Wedding planner insurance can help wedding planners in Vermont protect themselves from many of the bigger risks that they face.

Wedding planner insurance is specialized commercial insurance that’s designed to meet wedding planners’ needs. So that policies can provide robust coverage, most wedding planner policies are underwritten with multiple coverages bundled together.

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What Vermont Professionals is Wedding Planner Liability Insurance For?

Most wedding planners who work in Vermont should consider protecting themselves with wedding planner liability insurance. Wedding planners frequently have limited resources to resolve a lawsuit or claim with, and the cost of lawsuits can be high once legal fees and a settlement are factored in. With wedding planner liability insurance, planners have protection against some potential lawsuits.

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What Coverages Are Available Through Wedding Planner Policies?

The coverages that these policies come with can broadly be divided into wedding planner liability insurance coverages and wedding planner property insurance coverages. The former normally protect against instances where a planner is held responsible for an incident that causes harm in some way, while the latter coverages generally cover assets owned by a planner.

Some common wedding planner liability insurance coverages are:

Some common wedding planner property insurance coverages are:

What Types of Incidents Does Wedding Planner Professional Liability Coverage Protect Against?

Professional liability insurance for wedding planners is a form of errors and omissions coverage (E&O coverage). The coverage broadly protects against a variety of incidents where a professional error has a negative impact on a client. The coverage might apply if a wedding planner:

  • Reserves a venue for the incorrect date
  • Sends invitations to individuals who aren’t on the guestlist
  • Doesn’t correct mistakes on save-the-date cards or invitations
  • Fails to secure vendors as promised

An insurance agent who’s familiar with wedding planner policies can more fully explain what instances this coverage normally applies to. The agent can also review a specific policy’s coverage to check what sorts of incidents it does and doesn’t include.

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Do Wedding Planners Need Commercial Auto Coverage?

Wedding planners generally use their vehicle for work, and such driving normally isn’t covered by a standard personal auto insurance policy. Whether a full-fledged commercial policy is needed, however, usually depends on what options a personal policy affords.

Some personal auto policies can be adapted to cover certain types of work-related driving, perhaps including the driving that a wedding planner does. If an option like this isn’t available, a commercial policy is likely necessary.

Evaluating a personal auto insurance policy’s coverage and determining whether a commercial policy is needed is something that a knowledgeable insurance agent can assist with.

How Can Wedding Planners in Vermont Get Wedding Planner Insurance?

If you’re a wedding planner in Vermont and need assistance with insurance, contact us at Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our independent insurance agents will help you assess coverage needs, and then they can compare multiple insurers’ offerings to see which wedding planner insurance policy best meets your needs. With our help, you can be confident in the coverages you choose.

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