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What is Wedding Insurance?

Weddings are a time of fun and celebration as the bride and groom celebrate their day with those who are close to them. These events, however, sometimes involve accidents where people are seriously hurt and/or property is extensively damaged. Wedding insurance won’t prevent potential accidents, but it can help protect Vermont wedding hosts from the financial fallout that an accident could cause.

Wedding insurance policies are specialized event insurance policies that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of wedding hosts and venues. Most policies include a variety of wedding liability insurance coverages, and they may offer some additional coverages as well.

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Who in Vermont is a Wedding Policy Right For?

Most people who host a wedding in Vermont can benefit from the wedding liability insurance coverages and other protections that a wedding policy offers. Hosts may be considered the couple getting married, anyone who is paying for a large portion of the wedding and/or anyone who owns property that the wedding is taking place on.

Additionally, hosts of weddings don’t necessarily have to be residents of the state. As long as they’re putting on a wedding in the state, a policy may be appropriate.

Anyone who’s unsure whether they should purchase a wedding policy should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in this form of coverage. A specialized agent will be able to make an informed recommendation regarding the purchase of a policy.

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What Wedding Liability Coverages Do Wedding Policies Offer?

The exact protections that a wedding policy offers can vary, but there are many wedding liability coverages that these policies commonly make available. A few of them are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which might cover injuries that guests suffer
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage, which might cover damage to other parties’ property
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which might cover alcohol-induced incidents
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which might offer additional liability protection

What Other Coverages Do Wedding Policies Offer?

Along with the above-mentioned wedding liability insurance coverages, certain policies provide additional coverages. Many of these other coverages offer various protections for deposits and other payments that are made to vendors. For example, a policy might provide:

  • Gowns and Tuxedos Coverage, which often covers the cost of replacing rented clothes that are damaged
  • Catering and Cake Coverage, which often covers the cost of hiring another caterer or baker if the contracted one can’t provide the promised food
  • Wedding Photographer Coverage, which often covers the cost of reassembling the wedding part for photos if the original pictures aren’t available
  • Military Service Coverage, which often covers the cost of rescheduling the wedding if either spouse is called up for active duty

Are Honeymoons Covered by Wedding Policies?

Although they provide many protections, wedding policies generally don’t provide coverage for honeymoons. Honeymoon coverage is usually procured through a travel insurance policy, which an agent who’s familiar with wedding policies may be able to assist with.

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How Much Do Wedding Policies Cost?

Like other insurance policies, wedding policy premiums are based on multiple factors and often vary as a result. The location of a wedding, the size of a wedding and whether alcohol is served can all influence how much premiums are.

Even with differences caused by these factors, though, wedding policies tend to be highly affordable. Policies only provide coverage for a short amount of time during the wedding, so insurance companies are able to keep premiums generally low.

How Can Wedding Hosts in Vermont Get Wedding Insurance?

For help finding insurance to cover a wedding that you’ll be hosting in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents at Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents have helped many couples, parents and property owners procure wedding insurance for their celebratory days, and we’re here to help you.

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