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Tractor insurance is a specialized commercial insurance policy that’s uniquely suited to protect farmers’ tractors.
In general, most Vermont farms that own a tractor should have a tractor policy in place.
• Commercial Auto Coverage
• Flood Coverage
• General Liability Coverage

What is Tractor Insurance?

Tractors are an essential piece of farm equipment, and they’re often the most valuable equipment that Vermont farmers own. As such, they need to be insured -- and that’s what tractor insurance is for.

Tractor insurance is a specialized commercial insurance policy that’s uniquely suited to protect farmers’ tractors. Because this is such a unique and specialized insurance, farmers who need coverage for a tractor should seek out an agent who focuses on these insurance policies.

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Who in Vermont Needs a Tractor Policy?

In general, most Vermont farms that own a tractor should have a tractor policy in place. Not having a policy could leave a farm financially devastated if its tractor is damaged or someone is hurt in a tractor-related accident.

Farms that lease or rent tractors on a short-term basis often don’t have the same coverage needs as those that own their tractors. Any farm that periodically uses another company’s tractor should consult a knowledgeable insurance agent who can asses the farm’s risk exposure and make an informed coverage recommendation.

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Do Hobby Farmers Need Tractor Policies?

Hobby farmers who use a tractor only on their land and only for personal often don’t need a commercial tractor policy. In many cases, hobby farmers can add a smaller tractor onto their homeowners policy just as they would for a lawnmower.

An agent who’s familiar with tractor policies and homeowners policies can assist with this process, and they can help find an alternative coverage solution if a tractor can’t be added to a homeowners policy for some reason.

Do Landscapers and Contractors Need Tractor Policies?

Landscapers and construction companies may use tractors in the course of operations, but they usually don’t need a tractor policy even if they own their tractors. 

Heavy equipment that landscapers and contractors use, including tractors they have, is normally covered under an inland marine insurance policy. Inland marine insurance is a mobile property protection that usually covers equipment when it’s moved between locations.

Purchasing a tractor policy would probably only provide redundant coverage in this sort of situation.

Do Tractor Policies Protect Against Damage and Theft?

The main protections offered by most tractor policies relate to damage and theft. Most policies come with coverages that insure the tractor against damage or loss in covered incidents, which might include accidents, falling objects (e.g. trees or hail), vandalism, theft and other perils.

Should a tractor be damaged or destroyed in a covered incident, a tractor policy will usually pay the cost of repairing or replacing the tractor (less any deductible that applies).

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Do Tractor Policies Protect Against Injuries and Property Damage?

While tractors are valuable pieces of equipment, they’re also potentially dangerous pieces of equipment. There are hundreds of tractor-related deaths each year, and many more people are injured. Accidents involving tractors also sometimes result in property damage.

Despite the injury and property damage risks associated with tractors, however, most tractor policies don’t come with liability protection. Instead, injuries and property damage that a tractor causes usually fall under the domain of workers compensation coverage, general liability coverage or other coverages included in a farm insurance policy.

How Can Vermont Farms Get Tractor Insurance?

If you have a farm tractor to insure, contact the independent insurance agents at Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents can compare tractor insurance policies from several insurance companies in Vermont, and we have the expertise necessary to help you select the best available one. With our guidance, you can be confident that your tractor is well protected against a range of risks.

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