Snow Plowing Insurance in Vermont

What is Snow Plowing Insurance?

Removing snow from driveways, parking lots and public areas can be profitable work, but there is a certain amount of risk involved. Snow plowing insurance policies help protect snow removal companies in Vermont from a range of potential risks that they’re exposed to.

Snow plowing insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s uniquely crafted to meet the risk mitigation needs of snow removal companies. Most policies include multiple coverage options that businesses can select from to create a network of protections suited for their situation.

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What Vermont Businesses is Snow Plow Insurance Right For?

Most companies in Vermont that offer snow removal services should have snow plow insurance. A policy may be appropriate for:

  • Companies that provide commercial and/or residential snow removal services
  • Sole proprietors that are paid for plowing driveways
  • Landscapers that provide snow removal services during winter

Do Individuals Need a Commercial Snow Plow Policy?

Whether an individual truck owner needs a commercial snow plow policy or can rely on their personal auto insurance often depends on whether they’re paid for plowing driveways. Individuals who plow friends, neighbors or family members’ driveways in exchange for monetary compensation normally need a commercial policy, while those who do this for nothing in exchange usually don’t need a special snow plow policy.

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What Coverages Do Snow Plow Insurance Policies Offer?

As mentioned, snow plow insurance policies usually make a number of coverages available as standard or optional features. Some of the more commonly chosen protections include:

Companies should consider each coverage carefully when setting up a policy, but any commercial auto coverage chosen deserves special attention. Plow drivers are often working in non-ideal driving conditions, when the chances of an accident are higher, and the liability protections included in this coverage ought to be chosen with that in mind. Additionally, companies usually also need to make sure the coverage extends protection to plows, salters and other equipment that’s installed on vehicles.

An insurance agent who specializes in snow plow insurance can assist with setting up a policy’s commercial auto coverage and other protections. A specialized agent will be familiar with the risks that snow removal companies are exposed to, and they’ll be able to provide informed recommendations regarding coverages and limits.

How Much Do Snow Plowing Policies Cost?

Snow plow policies are based on many factors and often vary in cost. Where a company is located, what type of equipment it uses and how many customers it services may all influence a policies’ premiums, as can many other considerations.

Businesses can get an accurate estimate of how much they specifically would have to pay for coverage by talking with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents have the freedom to request quotes from multiple insurers in the state, which makes it easy to compare how much different insurance companies will charge given various factors.

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How Can Snow Removal Companies in Vermont Get Snow Plowing Insurance?

For help finding snow plowing insurance that meets your company’s needs, contact the independent insurance agents at Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our independent agents have assisted many snow removal companies in Vermont, and they have the expertise necessary to get your company a great policy.

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