Siding Contractors Insurance IN VERMONT

What is Siding Contractors Insurance?

Installing and replacing siding on buildings comes with some inherent risks, including both property risks and liability risks. Siding contractors insurance helps Vermont businesses that install and replace siding financially protect themselves from many of the perils they face.

Siding contractors insurance is a specially designed commercial insurance that’s well-suited to many siding businesses’ needs. Most of these policies come as packaged policies and offer a variety of protections, from which contractors can usually choose the exact ones that they want.

What Businesses in Vermont Need a Siding Contractors Policy?

Most Vermont businesses that specialized in siding work should have a siding contractors policy in place. Not carrying insurance can leave a business dangerously exposed to risk, and some customers may only hire contractors who have insurance. Of the various commercial insurance options, this tends to be the best choice for businesses that only do siding work.

Businesses that do siding work alongside other construction work may need an insurance policy that’s not quite as specialized. For instance, a general contractors policy might be more advisable than a siding contractors policy in this situation. An insurance agent who specializes in siding contractors and similar construction policies can make an informed policy recommendation after reviewing a business’ specific situation.

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What Coverages Do Siding Contractors Policies Offer?

The various coverages that siding contractors policies offer can largely be categorized into property coverages and liability coverages. The former typically protect physical assets, while the latter usually guard against potential lawsuits.

Some of the property coverages that siding contractors policies might make available are:

  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may cover business-owned buildings along with items kept on the business’ premises
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which may cover equipment as it’s transported between job sites
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may cover essential equipment if it malfunctions
  • Extra Expenses Coverage, which may pay for an alternative facility if a central office is destroyed during a covered incident

Some of the liability coverages that siding contractors policies might offer are:

There are still other insurance coverages that siding contractors might consider. An insurance agent can help contractors review all of the options available.

Do Self-Employed Siding Contractors Need a Siding Contractors Policy?

Siding contractors who are self-employed generally should have a siding contractors policy in place. Self-employed professionals are normally considered business owners, and even running a small business comes with risk exposure.

Do Siding Contractors Who Work as Subcontractors Need Their Own Insurance Policy?

Siding contractors who work as subcontractors might be covered under a general contractor’s insurance policy if the general contractor lists them as an “additional insured.” Some general contractors won’t do this, however, and those that do may not have all of the insurance coverages that a siding contractor wants. Also, any coverage that is secured through a general contractor’s policy will likely only be in force when performing work for that general contractor.

For these reasons, siding contractors ought to consider purchasing their own insurance policy. Purchasing a policy is the best way for contractors to secure the insurance protections they want.

How Can Siding Contractors in Vermont Get Siding Contractors Insurance?

For help insuring a siding business in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents at Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents have the expertise necessary to help you select the best siding contractors insurance policy for your business, and we can show you policies from multiple insurance companies since we operate an independent agency.

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