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Side by Side Insurance in Vermont

Side by side insurance is a specialized form of off-road vehicle insurance that’s specifically designed for owners of side by side vehicles.
Any ATV and SxS owners should have this coverage is a mandatory
• Property Damage Liability Coverage
• Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

What is Side by Side Insurance?

Side by side vehicles, or utility task vehicles (UTVs), are used for a variety of off-road purposes. They’re used as both recreational vehicles and practical ones, for going out into the wilderness and for getting work done outdoors. Whatever they’re used for, operating these vehicles comes with some inherent risk. Side by side insurance helps Vermont residents who own side by sides protect themselves from some of these risks.

Side by side insurance is a specialized form of off-road vehicle insurance that’s specifically designed for owners of side by side vehicles. Like auto insurance policies and other off-road vehicle policies, side by side policies typically offer several protections.

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What Factors Affect Side By Side Policies’ Premiums?

As is the case with auto insurance, many factors influence how much side by side policies cost. A few of the considerations that affect how much riders must pay for coverage include:

  • A rider’s driving record and age
  • The year, make, and model of side by side vehicle
  • How often a rider uses their side by side
  • Where a rider takes their side by side
  • Where the side by side is stored when it’s not in use
  • The coverages, limits, and deductibles that a rider selects

Even though many factors influence how much side by side policies cost, riders are usually able to find a highly affordable policy that meets their needs.

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Do Side by Side Policies Cover Accessories?

Aftermarket parts put on side by side vehicles and gear that’s used exclusively for riding are often considered accessories. Snowplows, windshields, cab systems, storage systems, custom seats, helmets, and gloves may all be treated as accessories by a side by side policy (depending on the policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions).

Most side by side policies include only minimal coverage, if any, for accessories. Additional coverage can usually be purchased when setting up a policy, though.

Riders should carefully consider the value of their accessories when purchasing a policy so they can make sure to select the right amount of coverage for accessories.

Are UTV Owners in Vermont Required to Carry UTV Insurance?

In Vermont, UTV owners generally aren’t required to carry UTV insurance. They can usually use the statewide VASA trail system without purchasing a policy.

To use offshoot and connecting trails that are maintained by other groups, though, UTV owners may need insurance coverage. Many of the counties, cities, and towns that maintain trails connecting to the VASA system have minimum insurance requirements for all users.

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How Do Insurers Determine the Value of UTVs?

In order to accurately determine premiums and fairly pay claims, insurers must determine how much covered UTVs are worth. To do this, insurance companies may consider prices listed in well-known pricing guides, sales of comparable UTVs, and the covered UTV’s condition.

How Can Vermont Residents Who UTVs Get Side by Side Insurance?

Vermont residents who need insurance coverage for a side by side vehicle should contact an independent insurance agent near them for help. An independent insurance agent is qualified to explain coverages and assist riders with coverage selection, and they can request quotes for side by side insurance policies from different insurers. With an independent agent’s help, side by side owners can feel confident that the policy they ultimately choose provides good coverage at a fair price.

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