Renters Insurance in Vermont

What is Renters Insurance?

There are many options when it comes to choosing a place to live in Vermont. Many residents choose to rent a house or apartment, taking advantage of the amenities, convenience, and flexibility that can’t always be found with home ownership. However, renting is also a financial risk. If you rent, you should have renters insurance to provide financial protections for injuries, damages, and other losses.Talk to an Agent!Many tenants don’t realize that the landlord’s insurance provides them no financial protections. If your personal belongings are damaged in a fire or other event, or lost due to theft, your landlord’s coverage will not help you replace your items, potentially costing you tens of thousands of dollars. Their liability coverage will also not extend to cover injuries that occur due to your actions. Renters insurance provides VT tenants with both property and liability protection in an affordable policy.

Why You Need Vermont Renters Insurance

Every day, people across VT suffer losses to their property. Your rental apartment or house is at risk for events including:

- Fire
- Wind damage
- Falling debris
- Theft
- Other storm damage

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What is Covered By My Landlord's Property Insurance?

Your landlord’s property insurance only covers damage to the structure of the building itself, offering no protections for the contents that belong to you, such as jewelry, furniture, clothing, and electronics. Without insurance, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars to replace your belongings.

A renters policy helps to cover losses due to these and other situations, providing you the financial protections you need. When a loss occurs due to a covered event, you can be reimbursed for repairs and replacement up to your policy limits.

Does Renters Coverage Cover Expensive Valuables?

While your policy limits are designed to cover most common items, your policy may be insufficient to cover all your belongings. If you have particularly valuable items, such as antiques, jewels, or artwork, you may wish to speak to your agent about an insurance rider for these items for more complete coverage.

What is Covered by Renters  Liability Coverage?

When your actions, or your negligence, cause injuries or damages to another person, you can be held legally responsible for their medical expenses and other costs. This legal liability can cause severe financial harm if you don’t have insurance. Renters policies typically include this important coverage for your protection. Your liability coverage can cover situations such as:

- Dog bites
- Slip and fall accidents due to your actions, such as a wet floor
- Backyard injuries on equipment that you own and maintain
- Damages caused to your apartment or adjacent units due to your actions
- Injuries or damages that occur outside of your rented property

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Liability coverage typically helps pay for medical expenses, legal fees, settlements, and other associated costs, up to your policy limits. Make sure to check with your agent to see what situations you are covered for on your specific policy.

Does Renters Coverage Pay for a Relocation?

Occasionally, damages that occur to your apartment can be so severe that you will have to temporarily relocate while repairs are made. This can incur costs such as hotel fees, excess food costs, and additional utility expenses in addition to having to continue to pay your rent and utilities at your apartment. For many VT residents, these extra expenses create a financial hardship. Many renters policies include additional living expenses coverage, to provide assistance during these situations.

Residents across Vermont find house and apartment rental to be an affordable and flexible housing option. However, up to half of all Americans who rent do not have proper insurance coverage. Renters insurance helps provide property and liability coverage for a variety of situations to help protect your finances when losses occur.

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