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What is Photography Insurance?

Being a professional photographer is a rewarding career path, but it comes with certain inherent risks. For example, a photographer can have equipment stolen, be sued for damages incurred during an accident, be sued by a model or face any number of other perils. Photography insurance doesn’t prevent disasters, but it helps financially protect photographers in Vermont if a covered incident does happen.

Photography insurance policies are specialized commercial insurance policies that have been designed to meet the needs of photographers and similar professionals. So that they can provide an array of protections, most photographer policies are written as package policies that come with a number of individual protections.

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Who in Vermont Needs a Photographer Insurance Policy?

Generally speaking, most photography studios and professional photographers located in Vermont ought to consider purchasing a photographer insurance policy. This typically includes:

  • Freelance and self-employed photographers
  • Wedding photographers
  • Travel and wildlife photographers
  • Portrait studios

In addition to still photographers, videographers frequently also can benefit from the protections offered by a photographer policy. Although there are technical differences between photography and videography work, the risks that professionals in each line of work are often similar and this type of policy is normally well-designed to protect against those risks. 

Anyone who wonders whether a photography policy truly does meet their risk mitigation needs can speak with an insurance agent who specializes in photography policies and is familiar with other commercial coverage options.

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What Protections Are Included in Photographer Insurance Policies?

The protections included in photographer policies can vary slightly from one policy to the next, and professionals usually have some ability to adjust the coverages included within their particular policy. There are, however, several protections that many policies offer and most photographers appreciate having. Some of these more common protections are:

Along with these, photographers who work at multiple locations likely also can benefit from commercial auto coverage and inland marine coverage. The former normally protects against accidents that occur while driving for work, and the latter usually covers equipment while it’s being transported between locations.

Does a Photographer Policy Cover a Computer That’s Used for Personal and Work Activities?

Many photographers use a single computer for both personal and work activities. Whether such a computer is covered by a photographer insurance policy can only be determined after reviewing that specific policy’s terms and conditions. This is something that a knowledgeable insurance agent can help with.

Are Photographer Policies Expensive?

Photographer policies’ premiums vary, but they tend to be affordable. Paying premiums almost certainly is more affordable than what a major claim might cost if there’s no insurance coverage in place.

Photographers who want to know exactly what they’ll have to pay for insurance can speak with an independent insurance agent. An independent agent isn’t obligated to any one insurance company and can provide quotes from multiple insurers, which makes it easy to compare how much different companies will charge for a given set of coverages.

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How Can Vermont Photographers and Studios Get Photography Insurance?

For assistance in finding photographer insurance, talk with one of the independent insurance agents of Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our Vermont agents have the freedom to show you multiple photography insurance quotes, and they have the expertise necessary to help you pick the best policy for yourself or your studio.

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