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What is Personal Trainer Insurance?

Personal training can be rewarding and financially viable work, but its work that comes with some risk. Specifically, personal trainers can face various liability risks if a client is injured. One way that Vermont personal trainers can protect themselves from many of the risks that they face is by purchasing personal trainer insurance.

Personal trainer insurance is specialized commercial insurance for trainers and other professionals in the fitness industry. Most of these policies come with multiple coverages, which allows them to protect against multiple risks.

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What Vermont Professionals Should Carry Personal Training Insurance?

Most Vermont personal trainers and fitness instructors can benefit from the protections that personal training insurance affords. Few trainers (if any) face no risk, and these policies tend to be the best option for one-on-one trainers in the fitness industry.

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Are Gym-Employed Trainers Covered by Their Gym’s Insurance Policy?

Trainers who are traditional employees of gyms and fitness centers might receive insurance coverage from their gym. Whether a gym’s coverage applies in these situations depends on the particular details of a policy, and not all policies do provide coverage.

Additionally, any coverage that is provided by a gym likely won’t extend to work that’s done outside the scope of employment. Side gigs and private training aren’t likely to be covered.

Trainers who are independent contractors for gyms and fitness centers are less likely to be covered by a gym’s insurance policy. 

If trainers do side work, do private training or are independent contractors, purchasing a personal training insurance policy likely would be prudent. An insurance agent who specializes in these policies can help find suitable coverage that’s specific to a trainer’s situation.

(Most trainers who are employees will receive a W-2 at year's end, and those who are independent contractors will normally get a 1099 tax document.)

What Coverages Are Available Through Personal Training Insurance Policies?

The coverages that personal training insurance policies provide tend to be focused on protecting against liability risks. Some liability coverages that a particular policy might offer include:

Do Personal Training Policies Cover In-Home Work?

Personal trainers who work at clients’ homes or other non-gym settings should work closely with an experienced insurance agent to find a suitable policy. Some policies may extend coverage to locations like clients' homes and local parks, but other policies may restrict coverage to a gym’s location. An agent will be able to assist with finding coverage.

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How Much Are Premiums for Personal Training Policies?

Personal training policies’ premiums are based on many factors and thus vary. A trainer’s location, the scope of work, past claims history and other factors will commonly influence the cost. Even with variance among premiums, however, these policies tend to be affordable.

Comparing policy options with an independent insurance agent is an easy way to check how much insurance will cost in a given situation. Independent agents are able to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies since they aren’t connected to any one insurer.

How Can Trainers in Vermont Get Personal Trainer Insurance?

If you need personal trainer insurance and work in Vermont, get in touch with the independent agents at Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our insurance agents will review your situation with you, and help you find a policy that provides the coverages you need. 

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