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Painters insurance is specialized commercial insurance for painters and their businesses.
• Residential painters
• Commercial painters
• Self-employed painters
• Commercial Property Coverage
• Commercial Vehicle Coverage
• Business Income Coverage

What is Painters Insurance?

Painting houses and commercial buildings can be rewarding work, but it’s now without certain risks. Painters insurance helps painters in Vermont protect themselves from many of these risks.

Painters insurance is specialized commercial insurance for painters and their businesses. In order to offer protection against multiple risks that painters face, these policies normally come as package policies that combine several coverages together. Painters can usually choose from a variety of coverage options in order to customize their policy to their liking.

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What Vermont Businesses Need Painting Insurance Policies?

Most Vermont businesses that provide painting services ought to consider this type of insurance. Virtually all painters are exposed to at least some risk, and painting insurance tends to best meet painters’ risk mitigation needs.

In particular, painting insurance may be useful to the following types of businesses:

  • Residential painters
  • Commercial painters
  • Self-employed painters
  • Individuals who moonlight as painters

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Contractors and nonprofit organizations that paint might need this coverage too. Whether a painting policy or another form of insurance (e.g. contractors insurance or nonprofit insurance) is better in these situations depends on what else an organization does. An insurance agent who specializes in painting policy can help determine if it’s adequate in a particular situation.

Additionally, painters generally need insurance regardless of their business’ structure. Sole proprietors, limited liability corporations, limited liability partnerships, S corporations and C corporations can all have insurance claims, and those claims can be expensive if no coverage is in place.

Do Painters Need Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is an insurance coverage that generally protects against workplace injuries and illnesses. In the event of a covered injury, the insurance usually helps pay a portion of lost wages and medical costs.

Most businesses that have employees are required by state law to carry workers compensation, and this requirement typically extends to painting businesses with employees. If a business hires people through an independent contractor relationship, requirements can change. Businesses in these situations should work closely with a knowledgeable agent to determine what their workers compensation obligations are.

For painters who work as self-employed and have no employees, workers compensation often isn’t required because they’re the business owner. Purchasing the coverage is sometimes still wise, however, because traditional health insurance might exclude workplace injuries. This can help fill in a potential coverage gap if a self-employed painter falls off a ladder, is hit by a falling paint can or is otherwise injured while working.

When workers compensation is needed, it’s frequently purchased outside of a painters policy. The coverage is widely available on its own.

What Coverages Are Available Through Painting Insurance?

The precise coverages that painting insurance policies make available can vary, but the majority of policies offer multiple coverage options. Some of the more important coverages to consider and look for usually are:

There are still more coverage options that policies could offer. An agent can help painters explore all of the available coverages.

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How Can Painters in Vermont Get Painters Insurance?

For help finding painters insurance in Vermont, get in touch with Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our team of independent agents can help you explore various policy options, and we’ll assist you in making an informed decision about your business’ coverage.

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