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Insurance In Warren, VT



Warren, Vermont is a town located in Washington County, between the two ranges of the Green Mountains. Located centrally in Vermont, it is the center of population in the state. Warrant itself has just 1,700 residents, though it covers 40 square miles of land area.

With its location among mountain ranges, 25% of Warren’s land area is owned by the Green Mountain National Forest. The Sugarbush ski resort and Long Trail run through town, offering hiking, skiing, and other recreational opportunities for residents and tourists.Insurance Warren VT

Lincoln Mountain is the town’s main geographical feature. It consists of five peaks, each reaching more than 3,800 feet. These peaks are: Lincoln Peak, Cutts Peak, Mount Ellen, Mount Abraham, and Nancy Hanks Peak. The highest point is Mount Ellen.


Though the land was granted for the town that would become Warren in 1780, it was not chartered until 1789, due to difficulty raising the funds for the land. It was chartered to John Throop along with 67 other men, and named for Joseph Warren of Revolutionary War fame.

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Warren was settled in 1797, and mills were soon built along the Mad River. Grist mills and sawmills were the primary industries, while farmers took advantage of the fertile land to grow hay. Cattle and sheep were also raised, providing milk for a burgeoning dairy industry. Maple syrup was tapped from the trees, providing another source of income for the families of Warren.

Warren experienced a tourism boom in the 20th century with the development of the Sugarbush ski resort. First established in 1931 with the first ski tow in the area, the Sugarbush area was developed in the 1950s. Today it is one of the largest ski areas in New England, with 111 trails, bringing visitors from around the region.

Warren Insurance

Joseph Warren

Warren is one of the most popular location names in the United States. Warren, Vermont is believed to be named after Joseph Warren, who played an important role in the Revolutionary War. Born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, Joseph graduated from Harvard University and studied medicine, becoming a doctor.

Warren was involved in the local politics, associating with such men as John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and the Sons of Liberty. He was appointed to the Boston Committee of Correspondence, and it was Warren who sent Paul Revere and William Dawes on their historic midnight ride in April 1775.

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Warren was killed during the battle on Breed’s Hill, where he remained in the trenches until the final assault, giving other militiamen valuable time to escape. He was considered a martyr to the cause, gaining fame throughout the nation. He is honored by memorial statues and the many towns and counties named in his memory.

Warren, Vermont is a residential and tourist town, known for its mountain views and world-class skiing. Named after a historic figure, Warren is proud of its own history and its place in modern Vermont.

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