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House Cleaning Insurance in Vermont

What is House Cleaning Insurance?

Operating a residential cleaning service can be profitable work, but it’s work that comes with certain risks. From accusations to accidents, house cleaning insurance can help Vermont home cleaners protect themselves from a plethora of risks.

House cleaning insurance is specialized commercial insurance for individuals and businesses that offer residential cleaning services. Policies typically come with multiple coverages packaged together, so they can provide robust protection against a host of perils.

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Who in Vermont Should Carry Home Cleaning Insurance?

Broadly speaking, most individuals and businesses that charge for residential cleaning services in Vermont ought to carry home cleaning insurance. Insurance normally isn’t needed when cleaning for a friend or family member, and not exchanging any payment for the service. If cleaning is done in exchange for payment, however, the work probably constitutes business and likely should be insured.

Home cleaners can get help assessing their particular situation by talking with an insurance agent who specializes in home cleaning insurance policies. After reviewing a cleaner’s activity, a specialized agent will be able to determine whether coverage should be purchased.

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What Coverages Are Available Through Home Cleaning Insurance Policies?

Policyholders often can select the exact coverages that are included in their policy. Nevertheless, there are some coverages that most policies make available and most residential cleaners get. A few of the more prominent coverages include:

How Can Home Cleaners Insure Their Personal Vehicles for Work?

Whenever a personal vehicle is driven for work, coverage in addition to what the driver’s personal auto insurance provides might be needed. One of the easiest ways to get coverage for this situation is through hired and non-owned auto coverage. Alternatively, some personal policies may be adapted to cover the work-related driving that a home cleaner does.

An insurance agent who’s familiar with house cleaner policies will be aware of this common auto coverage issue and be able to check which option makes more sense in a given scenario.

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Do Home Cleaners Need to Purchase Surety Bonds?

Most homeowners won’t ask whether a cleaner is bonded before hiring them, but some homeowners could ask and many larger organizations will. A surety bond may help established home cleaners who want to grow their business secure more and/or larger clients. Most cleaners don’t purchase a surety bond when first starting out.

If a surety bond is needed, insurance companies frequently offer them. An insurance agent can assist with selecting and purchasing one.

Do Home Cleaners Need to Purchase Workers Compensation?

Workers' compensation normally provides coverage for workplace injuries, which sometimes are excluded by personal health insurance policies. Cleaners that have employees generally have to carry workers' compensation, and those who are self-employed may also purchase it in case a workplace injury isn’t covered by health insurance.

When workers' compensation is needed, it could be purchased as part of a house cleaning policy or as an entirely separate policy. An agent can help find coverage in either case.

How Can Home Cleaners in Vermont Get House Cleaning Insurance?

For help insuring a residential cleaning business that services Vermont homes, contact the independent insurance agents of Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents are well-versed in this insurance, and we’ll make sure you get a house cleaning insurance policy that provides solid protection for yourself or your business.

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