Homeowners Insurance in Vermont

Vermont Homeowners Insurance

Your home is more than just a house. From watching your children grow to pursuing your favorite hobbies, a home is full of valuable memories and belongings. Your VT home represents a significant investment. Storm damage, fire, theft, and other events can threaten your investment and your future. Ensure better protection for your home with homeowners insurance.

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Homeowners coverage provides wide-ranging financial coverage for your home and property in case of damage or other events. Though not required by law in Vermont, a homeowners policy is typically required by your mortgage company. Even if not required, most homeowners benefit from this important coverage, helping you to recover from expensive situations like fire or third party injury. Most homeowners policies consist of two parts: property coverage and liability insurance.

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Legal Requirements for Vermont Residents

Property Coverage

Your homeowners coverage provides property protection for your home structure and garage, as well as their contents. Additional structures, such as sheds and gazebos, may also be covered depending on your specific policy. If your structure is damaged by a covered event, your insurance can help to pay to repair or replace it, up to your coverage limits. Commonly covered events include:

- Fire
- Wind 
- Lightening
- Hail damage
- Explosions
- Vandalism
- Falling objects
- Vehicular damage

VT Homeowners Insurance options

It’s important to note flood damage will not be covered; this requires a separate policy. If you are forced to vacate your home due to damage from a covered event, your homeowners policy may help to pay your living expenses during this time.

The contents of your home can also be covered if they are lost or damaged due to these covered events or due to theft. Appliances, electronics, clothing, and other possessions can all be covered. Your belongings may also be covered at a percentage of your policy limits even if you take them off the premises. If you have particularly valuable jewelry, art, or equipment, you may want to purchase a rider to your policy. This can increase the policy limits for those specific items.

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Liability Insurance

If someone is injured or killed on your property, you may be held responsible for their medical expenses and other damages. From a delivery man slipping on an icy driveway during a Vermont winter to a dog biting a child, the possibility of someone getting hurt is very real. Your homeowners policy should include liability coverage for these situations. If you get sued for injuries or damages, your liability coverage may help to pay legal fees and settlements, as well as for the medical expenses for the injured party. Your liability coverage may even extend to events that occur elsewhere and may cover all members of your household.

Your home is an investment. Fire, theft, injury, and other unexpected events can jeopardize this investment if you are forced to pay for the damages out of pocket. A comprehensive Vermont Umbrella insurance policy can help to financially protect your home and finances from an unexpected event.

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