What is Handyman Insurance?

Working as a self-employed handyman (or woman) can be a profitable career, but the work comes with certain risks. Vermont professionals who perform basic maintenance services should protect themselves against the property and liability perils that they face, and handyman insurance can help with this.

Handyman insurance is specialized commercial insurance for professionals who provide basic maintenance and/or repair services. In order to provide both property and liability protections, most handyman policies are underwritten as package policies that have multiple coverages within them.

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Who in Vermont Should Carry Self-Employed Handyman Insurance?

Most professionals who provide basic maintenance and/or repair services in Vermont should consider purchasing a handyman policy. Not having insurance can leave professionals exposed to substantial risk (especially if they work as a sole proprietor), and this tends to be the best type of insurance for professionals that do this work.

At times, professionals might find that they can’t get certain jobs without having an insurance policy in place. Homeowners and businesses sometimes will only hire insured professionals.

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Additionally, insurance can be helpful to self-employed professionals regardless of their business structure. While sole proprietors tend to be more exposed to financial risk than limited liability corporation owners, insurance still provides LLCs with protections that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Are Self-Employed Handyman Policies Appropriate for Skilled Tradespeople?

Professionals who are formally trained in a trade generally also need insurance, but a handyman policy probably isn’t sufficient. Handyman policies are usually designed to protect against risks associated with basic maintenance and repairs, and not larger risks that come with practicing a specific trade. A policy might not cover chimney faults for a mason or electrical shorts for an electrician, for instance.

Any professionals who aren’t sure whether a handyman or other insurance policy is better suited for their needs can talk with an insurance agent who knows these policies well. A knowledgeable agent will be able to guide professionals toward the policy that’s best for them.

Do Handyman Employees Receive Coverage From Their Employer?

Professionals who work for an employer may receive insurance coverage from their employer’s plan. Coverage is often limited to only traditional employees, and not people who work as subcontractors or independent contractors. Contractors frequently should get their own handyman policy.

What Coverages Are Available Through Self-Employed Handyman Insurance Policies?

As mentioned, self-employed handyman insurance policies normally come with multiple coverages that protect against property and liability perils. Some of the more common coverages include:

How Much Are Premiums for Handyman Policies?

Premiums for handyman policies vary because they’re based on many factors. Some details that can impact cost are the:

  • Primary location of a business
  • Area serviced
  • Scope of services offered
  • Equipment used
  • Coverages and limits chosen

An independent insurance agent can help professionals explore how much a policy that provides the coverages they need would cost. Independent agents are able to explore quotes from multiple insurance companies.

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How Can Professionals in Vermont Get Handyman Insurance?

For help finding self-employed handyman insurance in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents of Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents have helped many professionals in the state, and we have the expertise necessary to get you the right handyman insurance policy.

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