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General LIability Insurance in Vermont

General liability insurance policies are a foundational component of many business’ insurance portfolios.
Small and large businesses in almost every industry can benefit from being protected.
• Bodily Injury Coverage
• Property Damage Coverage
• Personal Advertising Injury Coverage

What is General Liability Insurance?

Businesses are frequently exposed to a range of risks regardless of their size, industry or location. General liability insurance helps Vermont businesses protect themselves from many of the common risks they face.

General liability insurance policies are a foundational component of many business’ insurance portfolios. Although these policies normally won’t cover all of the risks that businesses face, the protections the policies do provide are often essential.

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What Businesses in Vermont Can Benefit from Having a General Liability Policy?

Since general liability policies provide protection against common risks, there are many businesses in Vermont that ought to consider getting this coverage. Small and large businesses in almost every industry can benefit from being protected.

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What Protections Are Included in General Liability Coverage?

Most general liability policies offer multiple coverages that work together to shield businesses from a variety of potential liability lawsuits. Some of the specific protections that are frequently found in policies include:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage, which might cover injuries that a business is responsible for
  • Property Damage Coverage, which might cover physical damage a business is responsible for
  • Personal Advertising Injury Coverage, which might cover libel, slander and false advertising claims against a business

Most policies don’t include product liability protections, which are normally obtained through separate commercial policies.

(Exact coverages may vary, which is why it’s important to review all of a particular policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions.)

Does General Liability Coverage Include Liquor Liability Protection?

Most general liability policies don’t cover incidents involving alcohol. Businesses that need liquor liability protection typically must obtain it through a liquor liability-specific policy.

Does General Liability Coverage Include Product Liability Protection?

General liability policies can provide product liability protection. Not all do, however, and those that do tend to have low product liability limits.

The product liability protections found in a general liability policy may be enough for some businesses, but many businesses need additional product liability protection. More coverage can usually be obtained through a product liability-specific policy.

Does Bodily Injury Coverage Cover Employees’ Injuries?

The bodily injury coverage found in general liability policies is typically meant to cover certain injuries that are sustained by third parties, such as customers and vendors. In most cases, this coverage doesn’t extend to employees who suffer on-the-job injuries.

Workers compensation coverage is the insurance that’s normally designed to cover employees’ on-the-job injuries and illnesses. Most insurance agents who are familiar with general liability policies can also help businesses find workers compensation policies (as well as liquor liability and product liability policies).

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Are General Liability Policies Expensive?

Many factors affect how much businesses pay for general liability policies, and rates can vary. A business’ location, industry, annual sales and past insurance claim history are just a few of the items that might affect how much the business pays for a policy.

While policies’ premiums may vary, general liability coverage tends to be quite affordable. It’s almost certainly less costly than facing a major liability suit.

How Can Vermont Businesses Obtain General Liability Insurance?

General liability coverage can be purchased by itself or as part of a package policy. Both business owners policies and commercial package policies may include the protection.

For help deciding which of these three options is the best way to acquire general liability insurance, businesses should talk with an independent insurance agent who specializes in this commercial coverage. An independent agent who’s helped other Vermont businesses find coverage will be familiar with all of the options that are available and know how to help businesses select the best one.

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