General LIability Insurance in Vermont

General Liability Insurance for Vermont Business

Accidents happen. However, when they happen on your business property or due to the actions or those of your employees, your business may be held liable for medical expenses, damages, and other costs. A single lawsuit may be more than your business can survive. With general liability insurance, you can better protect your Vermont business from these expenses.

Start The ConversationFrom a fall in an icy parking lot during a Vermont winter, to your employee damaging your customer’s home during a delivery, there are many opportunities for accidents to occur each day. If you do not have general liability coverage, any damages, legal fees, and other expenses will have to be paid out of pocket, an expense that many businesses cannot afford. A general liability policy can help cover many expenses related to accidental injury and damage without affecting your bottom line.

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What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

General liability policies can cover a wide range of events to protect your business. Though the details of your policy may differ based on your insurance carrier, this coverage typically is applicable to common events such as slip and fall accidents, damage to a customer’s property, advertising injury, and other unfortunate situations.

Your liability coverage can cover a variety of expenses related to these events, including:

- Medical costs
- Repair or replacement costs
- Legal defense fees
- Court costs
- Fines
- Legal damages, including lost wages and other compensatory payments

General Liability Applications

If you rent your office space, your liability coverage may also help pay for damages to the structure if you are found at fault for a fire or other cause of damage.

This coverage can reduce or eliminate the amount you must pay out of pocket for an accident. The amount you should purchase depends on your level of risk. You should carefully examine your assets and risk level with your insurance agent to be sure you are adequately protected.

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Other Vermont Policies

While a general liability policy can cover many common events, not everything will be covered. You should understand the limitations of your policy and discuss with your agent if you need additional liability policies such as:

- Employment Practices Liability
- Cyber Insurance
- Professional Liability
- Product Liability

You may want to consider additional umbrella insurance to extend your liability protections. Your agent can help you determine which policies may be needed to supplement your general liability policy.

Business Owners Policy

General liability is one of the standard coverages offered as part of a Vermont business owners policy. These package policies combine standard insurance policies needed by most businesses at a reduced package rate. This allows you to get the basic insurance you need in one convenient and affordable package. It is a popular insurance solution for many small and medium sized businesses that have an average risk profile.

General liability insurance is an important protection that most Vermont businesses should invest in. If you are found responsible for injury or damages, the resulting costs could cripple your business. With a general liability policy, you can be covered for common events to minimize your out of pocket expenses.

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