What Is Flooring Contractor Insurance?

Running a flooring business can be a profitable endeavor, but it’s not one that’s without risk. From potential accidents on the road to possible accidents on the job site, flooring contractors in Vermont should protect themselves from a range of risks. Flooring contractor insurance can help do just that.

Flooring contractor insurance is a particular form of commercial insurance that’s generally well-suited to meet the needs of flooring businesses. Most of these policies come with multiple coverages that get bundled together, and it’s often possible to adjust a policy’s exact protections by choosing which coverages are included.

What Businesses in Vermont Need a Flooring Contractor Policy?

The vast majority of flooring contractors working in Vermont ought to carry a flooring contractor policy. This includes businesses of all sizes, from part-time sole-proprietors who install flooring as a side gig to the state’s biggest flooring companies. 

Almost any business can face a major event that causes substantial loss, and that loss can be devastating if the right insurance isn’t in place. For flooring businesses, a flooring contractor policy is usually the right type of insurance.

In some cases, flooring professionals may find that certain clients won’t hire a company unless it has insurance in place. Many flooring jobs in public buildings and commercial buildings require the contractor hired to be insured, and homeowners also might require insurance.

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What Coverages Do Flooring Contractor Policies Make Available?

As mentioned, most flooring contractors policies come with more than one coverage and the coverages within a policy frequently can vary slightly. Nonetheless, there are several protections that most policies make available through their standard or optional features. These common protections include:

There are still more coverages that can be helpful in certain situations. For a full overview of all available coverages, businesses should consult with an insurance agent who specializes in flooring contractor policies.

How Much Do Flooring Contractor Policies Cost?

Premiums for flooring contractor policies vary because they’re based on several different factors, but these tend to be some of the more affordable policies within the construction industry. Policies almost certainly cost less than what a major catastrophe would be if no insurance was in place.

Because premiums vary, the best way to learn what insurance for a specific flooring business would cost is to speak with an independent insurance. Unlike a captive agent who’s usually tied to one insurance company, an independent agent can show businesses policies from multiple insurance companies. Comparing the different companies’ policy options makes it easy to see what a business will need to pay.

How Can Flooring Businesses in Vermont Get Flooring Contractor Insurance?

For help insuring a flooring business in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents of Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents will review your business’ situation and help you find the flooring contractor insurance that’s right given the business’ risk exposure.

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