Event Insurance in Vermont

What is Event Insurance?

People and organizations hosting events in Vermont are exposed to a plethora of potential risks. Not only are they expected to make sure their event goes well, but they also may be held financially responsible for accidents that occur during their event. Event insurance policies help protect event hosts from the financial consequences of covered accidents.

Event insurance policies are used to insure a wide variety of events. Businesses, nonprofit organizations, governments and individuals may purchase event policies for everything from company parties and corporate fundraisers to parades and birthday parties. Other events that policies may be purchased for include weddings, anniversary celebrations, graduation parties, sports competitions and just about any other large gathering.

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Who in Vermont Should Consider Getting an Event Policy?

Anyone person or organization hosting an event in Vermont should consider getting an event policy for their planned activities. This includes both in-state hosts planning an event that will be held on their property and out-of-state hosts who are renting space for an event. Without a policy in place, hosts can be dangerously exposed to risk an personally responsible for any accidents that happen during their event.

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What Protections Do Event Policies Provide?

The main coverages included in event policies tend to be liability coverages. This is because the biggest risks event hosts face are usually liability risks. Often, an event policy will provide a combination of broad and narrow event liability coverage options.

Some examples of broad event liability coverage options that a policy might offer include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover slips, falls and other common accidents
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which may cover accidents and other incidents involving intoxicated attendees
  • Automobile Liability Coverage, which may cover accidents and other incidents involving vehicles that are used for event purposes
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may cover harm caused by products offered at the event (often including products that are sold and those that are given away)
  • Spectator Liability Coverage, which may cover attendees’ injuries

There are many more narrow event liability coverage options available, with unique options for many different kinds of events. Here are just a few narrow event liability coverage options that a policy might make available:

  • Medical Malpractice Coverage, which is often needed if there’s a first aid station at an event
  • Aircraft Liability Coverage, which is often needed if aircraft are used at an event
  • Animal Liability Coverage, which is often needed if live animals are used at an event

Most of the time, hosts are able to find insurance coverage for any activities their event involves. In the event hosts can’t find a policy that’ll provide coverage for an activity, they might want to reconsider whether the activity is wise (not to mention legal).

Can Hosts Add Vendors to Their Event Policy?

Some vendors will only come to an event if they’re added to the host’s event policy. In most cases, vendors can easily be added to an event policy. Hosts usually just have to contact their insurance agent and ask that the vendor is added. It’s even frequently possible to include specific language that a vendor asks for in an event policy’s paperwork.

Are Event Policies Expensive?

As is true with many insurance policies, the cost of event policies varies significantly. How much a particular policy costs depends on many factors, such as:

  • Where an event will be held
  • What activities will take place at an event
  • How many people are expected at an event
  • What coverages and limits are selected for the policy
  • What precautionary measures are taken for an event

While costs vary, insurance companies are usually able to keep event policy affordable. Because these policies normally only provide coverage while an event is going on, insurers often are able to maintain low premiums while simultaneously offering several coverages.

How Can Vermont Event Hosts Get Event Insurance?

To get insurance for an event in Vermont, hosts should contact an agent from Paige & Campbell who specializes in this type of insurance. Our independent agents will be able to help with both selecting coverages and requesting quotes for event insurance policies.

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