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Employment Practices Liability Insurance in Vermont

Employment practice liability insurance is specialized insurance designed to protect against loss incurred in litigating and settling wrongful employment practices liability claims.
Any small business that has employees should consider employment practices liability policy.
• Businessowners policy coverage
• General liability

What is Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

When you have to deal with sensitive matters such as promotions, discipline, firing, and other business matters, you run the risk that your actions will be perceived as discriminatory -- triggering lawsuits. For Vermont business owners, employment practices liability insurance can help cover the expenses associated with this type of lawsuit.

Why Do You Need EPLI?

Treating employees fairly is not only the right thing to do – it’s the law. The Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act and other federal and Vermont statutes ensure the employees have legal protections against discrimination in the workplace.

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Lawsuit Protection

If a lawsuit is brought against your company, you can be held responsible for court fees, legal defenses, settlements, damages, and other expenses, costing your business time and money you don’t have to spare. Employment practices liability insurance is an important coverage for all businesses with employees.

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What Can Employment Practices Liability Insurance Cover?

Running a business and managing employees is complicated. From conducting interviews, making hiring decisions, granting promotions, and dealing with the unfortunate tasks of discipline and firing, every day you are making decisions that may be unpopular, or perceived as unfair. When a lawsuit results, the impacts are significant even if you are found not liable for any damages.

Employment practices liability coverage helps pay these expenses for many common charges VT businesses face. These can include:

- Discrimination based on race, gender, age, or other factors
- Wrongful termination
- Breach of contract
- Sexual harassment
- Emotional distress
- Libel or slander
- Mismanagement of employee benefits
- Negligent employment practices

Vermont Employment Practices Liability Insurance Coverage Made Easy

Even though your business may have other liability protections, such as general liability insurance and professional liability insurance, these policies do not cover cases related to employment issues. Because a lawsuit can be brought as soon as you start interviewing potential candidates, many experts recommend getting an employment practices policy in place before taking on any employees.

Coverage limits for these policies can vary widely. It’s important to understand the impacts a lawsuit could have on your business, including time lost to the court case, when deciding what policy is right for you. Many companies benefit from policies covering $1 million or more. Premiums are based on the size of your company, employment history, and past lawsuits.

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The Recap 

Businesses across Vermont have seen employment lawsuits increase in recent years. No business is too small to be at risk. While it’s important to conduct training to avoid any discrimination or other unfair treatment, you also need to protect your business financially. Employment practices liability insurance can cover the expenses associated with discrimination and other lawsuits, providing important coverage for any VT business with employees.

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