What Is Drywall Contractor Insurance?

Drywall professionals in Vermont can have a profitable career thanks to their skilled trade, but the work they do comes with certain liability and property risks. Drywall contractor insurance can help protect these professionals from many of the risks that they face.

Drywall contractor insurance is a specific type of commercial insurance that’s designed for drywall professionals and their businesses. To provide the protections that these professional need, most drywall contractor policies are package policies that have multiple coverages within them.

What Vermont Professionals Need Drywall Business Insurance?

The majority of drywall professionals who offer installation or plaster repair services should consider carrying drywall business insurance. Professionals who don’t have insurance in place are often exposed to unnecessary risks, and this is generally the best type of insurance for these professionals.

In addition to drywall specialists, other Vermont businesses that work with drywall or plaster may also want the protections that drywall business insurance offers. For example, soundproofing, lathing and firestop specialists might need some of the same protections. These businesses frequently also need other protections, however, so they may need a broader policy that provides drywall business coverages as well as other coverages.

Any business that’s not sure whether a drywall business policy or other policy is more appropriate for their situation should speak with a specialized insurance agent. An agent who focuses on drywall policies will be able to recommend either this or some other policy, depending on a business’ particular risk exposure and coverage needs.


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What Protections Are Available Through Drywall Business Insurance Policies?

As mentioned, most drywall business insurance policies come with multiple coverages. Many of these are either property coverages that safeguard assets or liability coverages that guard against potential lawsuits.

Some common property protections that a drywall business policy may offer are:

  • Commercial Property Coverage, which might protect business-owned facilities and equipment
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which might protect business-owned equipment as it’s transported to and from job sites
  • Extra Expenses Coverage, which might help pay for a temporary facility if a primary office or storage place is damaged in a covered claim
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which may offer property and liability protection for business-owned vans or trucks

Some common liability protections that a drywall business policy may offer include:

  • Commercial General Liability Coverage, which might offer broad protection against a variety of common accidents and lawsuits
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Coverage, which might offer liability protection for vans or trucks that a business uses but doesn’t own
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage, which might offer protection if an employee or job applicant claims they were discriminated against
  • Umbrella Coverage, which might offer broad supplemental protection for a variety of major lawsuits

Should Drywall Professionals Carry Builders Risk Coverage?

Builders risk coverage usually protects tools that are kept on a job site while work is ongoing. Should tools be stolen from a job site, this coverage may pay to replace them. While this is a risk that many drywall professionals must consider, whether they need to carry this coverage depends on their situation:

Drywall professionals who only do small jobs may not need builders risk coverage if they never leave tools at a job site. Additionally, those who work for general contractors frequently don’t need the coverage. Most general contractors already have builders risk coverage in their policy, and the coverage usually extends to any drywall professionals that general contractors hire. 

Drywall professionals who perform larger jobs on their own might want to carry builders risk coverage if they leave tools at job sites regularly. This coverage can often be added to a drywall business policy.

In all of these situations, drywall professionals should consult a knowledgeable insurance agent if they’re unsure whether this coverage makes sense. While the above guidelines generally hold true, every situation should be analyzed in light of the specific protections that applicable insurance policies provide.

How Can Drywall Professionals in Vermont Get Drywall Contractor Insurance?

For help finding drywall contractor insurance in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents of Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents can show you policy options from multiple insurance companies in the state, and they have the expertise necessary to help you select the best option from what’s available.

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