What is Dog Walker Insurance?

Walking dogs has become a profitable side hustle and even full-time business for many Vermont residents, but the work isn't without risk. As benign as walking dogs might seem, potential dog injuries, dog attacks and other incidents all present possible risks. People in this line of work must protect against the risks they face, and that's what dog walker insurance is designed to do.

Dog walker insurance is specialized commercial insurance for people who professionally walk dogs. In order to protect against the various risks that dog walkers face, policies normally come as package policies and have multiple coverages bundled together.

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Who in Vermont Should Carry Dog Walking Insurance?

Most people who professionally walk dogs in Vermont ought to carry dog walking insurance.

This generally doesn't include anyone who walks dogs for family, friends or neighbors without pay, even if the walks are regular. Anyone who does receive compensation for walking a dog, however, is likely enacting a commercial transaction and probably should have dog walking insurance. Even if it's a family member, friend or neighbor who's paying, insurance is normally recommended whenever money exchanges hands.

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The following are a few examples of people and businesses that walk dogs, and therefore might want dog walking policies:

  • Full-time dog and part-time dog walkers
  • Individuals who walk dogs irregularly as a side hustle
  • Businesses that employ multiple dog walkers
  • Pet sitters who walk the dogs that they watch

Anyone who's not sure whether this insurance is right for them should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in dog walking insurance. A specialized agent will be able to determine whether this or another commercial insurance option is better in a given situation.

What Coverages Are Available Through Dog Walker Policies?

Coverage choices may vary from one dog walker policy to another, but there are several protections that many policies offer:

Errors and omissions coverage is frequently shortened to E&O coverage.

Do Dog Walking Policies Offer Workers Compensation?

Workers' compensation usually protects against workplace injuries, which are an obvious concern when handling unfamiliar dogs. Most businesses that have employees are required to purchase the coverage, and self-employed dog walkers might also want the coverage. 

In the case of a self-employed business owner, workers' compensation might fill in a gap that's left by many health insurance policies. Health insurance often doesn't cover workplace injuries, which is where workers' compensation may be helpful.

Regardless of whether it's purchased for employees or self-employed, though, workers' compensation isn't frequently a coverage that's made available through dog walking policies. Instead, it's more often purchased via a separate workers' compensation policy that provides one coverage. Workers' compensation policies are readily available, and any agent that assists with dog walking policies should be able to help with workers' compensation as well.

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How Much Are Premiums for Dog Walking Policies?

Premiums for dog walking policies tend to be affordable, although rates do differ among policies and situations. A few factors that typically impact cost are a dog walker's location, services offered, size of businesses and past claims history. Coverage selection also impacts a policy's premiums, of course.

Dog walkers can easily and quickly get customized quotes by talking with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents are free to show policy options from most insurance companies, which makes it easy to see what each company will charge in light of these (and other) factors.

How Can Vermont Dog Walkers Get Good Dog Walker Insurance?

For help finding dog walker insurance in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents at Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents will work closely with you to determine coverage needs, and then we'll help you find the best policy that provides those coverages.

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