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What is Day Spa Insurance?

Establishing and running a day spa requires a substantial investment, and the resources poured into this type of business ought to be protected whenever possible. Day spa insurance policies help spas and salons in Vermont shield themselves from a variety of covered risks.

Day spa insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that have been designed to meet the risk mitigation needs of spas and similar businesses. In order to offer robust protection, most policies come with multiple individual coverages that are bundled together into a package policy.

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What Businesses in Vermont is Salon Spa Insurance Right For?

Many spas and most salons located in Vermont can benefit from the protections afforded by a salon spa insurance policy. Not having coverage in place often leaves a business dangerously and unnecessarily exposed to risk, and this tends to be the most appropriate kind of commercial insurance policy for these businesses.

The one major exception to this general rule is medical spas. Because medical spas perform actual medical procedures, their risk mitigation needs usually differ from those of day spas and salons. In most cases, medical spas need a medical spa policy rather than a salon spa policy. The two types of policies are similar at points, but there are also important differences.

An insurance agent who specializes in salon spa policies and similar commercial insurance products can likely help spas and salons of all types determine what kind of policy, whether it’s a salon spa or other policy, is best for them.

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What Protections Do Salon Spa Insurance Policies Make Available?

There are many protections that salon spa insurance policies often offer. Some of the more common ones include:

In addition to these, spas and salons may also want commercial umbrella coverage, commercial auto coverage, cyber liability coverage or any number of other protections. An insurance agent can assist with selecting the coverages that make sense given a business’ unique risk exposure. 

(The exact coverages that are offered within a policy can vary.)

Are Off-Site Massages Covered by Day Spa Policies?

Whether a day spa policy covers off-site massages depends on the policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions. Spas that provide this service should review their policy carefully with an agent to make sure they have all the necessary coverage in place. If their current policy doesn’t provide sufficient protection, an agent can assist with adjusting the policy or getting a new one.

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Are Day Spa Policies Expensive?

Day spa policies’ premiums often vary because they’re based on many different factors, often including where a spa is located, what services the spa offers, how many employees the spa has and other items.

Even with the variance in premiums, though, these policies tend to be affordable. They almost certainly cost less than what a major disaster or liability lawsuit could be if no protection is in place.

How Can Vermont Spas Get Day Spa Insurance?

For help insuring a day spa or salon that’s located in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents of Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents can show you day spa insurance policy options from several insurance companies in the state, and they have the insights necessary to help you determine which policy is best for your salon or spa.

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