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Dance studio insurance is specialized commercial insurance for studios that offer dance instruction.
Most dance studios and dance programs in Vermont can benefit from dance class insurance.
• Business Property Coverage
• General Liability Coverage
• Medical Payments for Participation Coverage

What is Dance Studio Insurance?

Operating a dance studio can be both personally rewarding and financially profitable, but the endeavor does come with some risks. In addition to the standard business risks, studio owners must also consider what could happen if a building was damaged, a student was injured or an instructor committed an act of impropriety. Dance studio insurance may help protect Vermont studios from these and other risks.

Dance studio insurance is specialized commercial insurance for studios that offer dance instruction. In order to give studios the diverse protections they need, most of these policies come as package policies and have several coverages within them.

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What Vermont Businesses is Dance Class Insurance Right For?

Most dance studios and dance programs in Vermont can benefit from dance class insurance. Not insuring a business can leave it dangerously exposed to risk, and this tends to be the most appropriate type of insurance for these businesses.

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What Protections Are Available Through Dance Class Insurance?

Dance class insurance policies offer a variety of property and liability protections, often including:

  • Business Property Coverage, which might cover a studio’s building, facility and/or equipment
  • General Liability Coverage, which might cover commonplace “slip and fall” accidents
  • Medical Payments for Participation Coverage, which might cover class participants’ injuries
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which might cover errant instruction that teachers give
  • Sexual Abuse and Molestation Coverage, which might cover allegations of improprieties

In addition to these, studios and programs that hold private events should talk with a knowledgeable insurance agent. An agent who specializes in dance class insurance will know how to make sure a studio is well protected when hosting birthday parties and other events.

Do Dance Studios Need Workers Compensation?

Workers' compensation is normally required when a business has employees, and sometimes it’s also necessary when a business hires independent contractors. The coverage generally protects against workplace injuries and illnesses. Thus, many dance studios and dance classes need coverage.

Whether workers' compensation is purchased as part of a dance class policy depends on the particular policy. Some policies may offer the coverage, but others leave studios to purchase workers' compensation through an entirely separate policy. When it is purchased through a separate policy, the coverage is still easy to get.

Do Dance Class Policies Cover Aerial Maneuvers?

Most typical dance class policies don’t include coverage for aerial maneuvers, such as the maneuvers that gymnasts and acrobatics perform. Any studio or program that offers aerial instruction likely needs a slightly different policy that better protects against the associated risks. Again, finding another policy option is something that a knowledgeable insurance agent can assist with.Learn How to Protect Your Business

Do Dance Studios Need Liability Coverage If Students Sign Waivers?

Waivers often provide some legal protection in certain situations, but any protection that these documents afford is usually quite different from the protections that insurance provides. Even if a studio or program has students sign waivers, an insurance policy is almost certainly still necessary.

How Much Are Premiums for Dance Class Policies?

Premiums for dance class policies are usually affordable, although there are variances in policies’ premiums. A studio’s location, number of students, styles of dance and other factors can all impact rates.

Even with variances in policy premiums, however, dance class policies generally are quite affordable. They almost certainly cost less than what a major claim could be.

How Can Dance Studios in Vermont Get Dance Studio Insurance?

For help finding dance studio insurance in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents at Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents will work with you to find the best available policy, and we can suggest the best one regardless of what company offers it since we’re independent.

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