Commercial Property Insurance in Vermont 

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Any significant loss can put the future of your business in jeopardy. Losing your business space, equipment, computers, or inventory could cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, which many Vermont businesses cannot afford. Commercial property insurance can reimburse the cost for repairs or replacement up to your policy limit, allowing you to resume operations with minimal financial impact.

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Risks Facing Vermont Businesses

The risks that your business faces are real. Fire is an ever-present risk that can quickly cause a total loss of your business. Vandalism and theft are also common events for businesses to experience. With the snowy winters of VT, you’re also facing the chance of:

- Wind damage
- Falling debris
- Storm damage
- Roof damage due to heavy snowfall
- Water damage

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Commercial Property Insurance Coverage Basics

A commercial property policy covers the most common risks businesses in VT face. Most items that you have in your business space can be covered by this policy, including:

- Furniture, such as desks, chairs, and cubicles
- Computers
- Printers, scanners, and other electronic equipment
- Tools and specialized equipment
- Inventory
- Documents
- Customer property

If you own the building, it will also be covered by your policy, along with signage and anything else that is attached to the policy. For business owners that lease an office space, you should carefully check your lease agreement to understand your insurance burden. Your insurance agent can help you purchase appropriate coverage to prevent dangerous coverage gaps.

When Buying Commercial Property Insurance in Vermont -

While commercial property policies cover the most common risks for your company property, there are exclusions. Most policies will not cover damage due to flooding or earthquakes. Cash and vehicles are also not included in a typical policy. If you feel your business needs protection for these items or situations, your insurance agent can help you purchase additional insurance protections for these.

Learn How to Protect Your Business

Running a successful business takes hard work and dedication. It also takes material items, such as equipment, inventory, a place to do your work, and office furniture. The investment that you make in these items should not be underestimated. When a loss occurs, repairs and replacement can cost more than your business can afford, putting your future at risk. Vermont commercial property insurance provides broad financial protections against the most common risks your business may face.

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