Coffee SHop Insurance in Vermont

What is Coffee Shop Insurance?

Running a cafe can be a fun and rewarding business, but it’s a venture that comes with certain inherent risks. Coffee shops in Vermont are exposed to a range of liability, property and other perils, many of which coffee shop insurance can help protect against.

Coffee shop insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s uniquely crafted to meet the needs of coffee shops and cafes. Most policies are written as package policies that come with multiple coverages, and cafes can usually adjust their policy’s coverages to suit their situation.

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What Businesses in Vermont Need Cafe Insurance?

There are many Vermont businesses that could benefit from the protections provided by cafe insurance policies. Any of the following businesses might be interested in this type of policy:

  • Coffee shops
  • Breakfast and lunch cafes
  • Delis that serve meals
  • Bakeries that serve meals
  • Stores with in-store cafes
  • Bistros

Businesses that are unsure whether this insurance is right for them should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in cafe insurance. A specialized agent will be familiar with cafe policies and other policies that are similar, and they’ll have the expertise necessary to offer informed guidance on what type of policy to select.

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What Coverages Do Cafe Insurance Policies Provide?

There are many different coverages that cafe policies might provide depending on a coffee shop’s particular needs. Some of the more commonly selected protections are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover claims related to common accidents
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may cover claims related to harm caused by served beverages and foods
  • Umbrella Liability Coverage, which may cover claims exceeding primary policies’ limits
  • Building Coverage, which may cover an owned building or other structure
  • Tenants Betterment Coverage, which may cover changes made to leased space
  • Contents Coverage, which may cover large equipment, smallwares, furniture and supplies
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may cover large equipment in the event of a breakdown

Do Coffee Shops Need Workers Compensation Coverage?

Most coffee shops have paid employees and, as a result, need to carry workers compensation. This is a coverage that protects against workplace injury and illness, typically paying employees’ medical bills and a percentage of their lost wages if they have a valid claim.

Workers compensation, however, isn’t always purchased within a cafe insurance policy. While it might be in a few cases, many coffee shops instead get a separate workers compensation policy that stands alone but complements their cafe policy. An informed insurance agent can likely help determine the best way to obtain any workers compensation coverage that’s needed.

Do Coffee Shops Need Liquor Liability Coverage?

Coffee shops normally only need liquor liability coverage, which usually protects against claims related to alochol-affected incidents, if they sell alcoholic beverages. Cafes that do need the coverage can often add it to their coffee shop policy.

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What Factors Influence Coffee Shop Policies’ Premiums?

Insurance companies commonly look at a plethora of data points when setting premiums for coffee shop policies. Just a few of the items that may impact how much a cafe pays for coverage include the cafe’s:

  • Location and size
  • Number of customers served
  • Menu offerings
  • Past claims history
  • Chosen coverages and limits

How Can Cafes in Vermont Get Coffee Shop Insurance?

For help insuring a cafe in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents of Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents have worked with many cafes in the state, and they have the expertise necessary to get your cafe a coffee shop insurance policy that’s right for its situation.

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