What is Chiropractic Insurance?

The nature of work that chiropractors do exposes them to a variety of potential risks, ranging from property-related perils to possible liability lawsuits. It’s important for chiropractors in Vermont to protect themselves from these risks when they can, and that’s what chiropractic insurance is designed to do.

Chiropractic insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s intended specifically for chiropractors and their clinics. In order to offer chiropractors robust protection, most policies come as package policies and have multiple coverages.

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Who in Vermont Needs Chiropractor Insurance?

The vast majority of chiropractors and chiropractic clinics in Vermont ought to carry chiropractor insurance. Chiropractors regularly face potentially expensive risks, and this is usually the most appropriate type of business for professionals in this field.

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What Coverages Does Chiropractor Insurance Provide?

The exact coverages that a chiropractor insurance policy provides can vary, but there are some protections that many policies commonly offer. These include:

  • Business and Property Coverage, which may cover basic property risks like theft and fire
  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover basic liability risks like common accidents and defamation claims
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which may cover claims that a chiropractor's care caused harm or injury

Each of these coverages come with their own terms, conditions, exclusions and limits that should be carefully reviewed. An experienced agent who specializes in this form of commercial insurance can help chiropractors check the coverage details of any policy they’re considering.

Do Chiropractors Who Work as Employees Need Their Own Insurance?

Chiropractors who are traditional employees of a clinic or other practice may have insurance coverage through their employer. Employers frequently offer differing amounts of coverage, though, and a few employers might not provide employees with their own professional liability coverage. For these reasons, chiropractors who work as employees should consider reviewing their employer's protections with a knowledgeable agent and not automatically assume they’re sufficiently covered.

Additionally, any employer-provided coverage that is available might not extend to chiropractors who work as independent contractors or side work that employees do. In these situations, chiropractors probably need their own insurance.

How Much Are Chiropractor Insurance Premiums?

Premiums for chiropractor policies also vary, for there are many factors that insurers take into account when underwriting policies. One item they consider is the size of a practice, with solo practices that see few patients usually paying less than large practices that have lots of chiropractors and patients.

Even with variance in premiums, though, the vast majority of chiropractic policies are affordable considering a clinic’s budget. The cost of insurance almost certainly is less than what an expensive claim could cost if there’s a disaster or major mistake in work.

An independent insurance agent can help chiropractors find out exactly how much the coverages they need would cost. Whereas captive agents typically can promote a single insurer’s policies, independent agents aren’t tied to any one company and can show policy quotes from multiple insurers in the state. This makes it easy to see how much various policies will cost.

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How Can Chiropractors in Vermont Get Chiropractic Insurance?

If you’re a chiropractor or run a chiropractic clinic in Vermont, contact the independent insurance agents of Paige & Campbell Insurance for help with your insurance needs. Our agents have the ability to you compare multiple chiropractic insurance policies, and they have the expertise necessary to assist you in selecting the best on for your clinic. With our help, you can be confident that you and your business are well-protected against a range of risks.

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