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How Can Shared Workspaces in Vermont Affect Your Business Owners Policy?

Vermont professionals who use shared coworking spaces are frequently still exposed to a variety of potential risks. If you run a business in the state that uses a common office, kitchen, art studio or woodshop, here’s why you might still want to protect your business with a business owners policy.


Do I Need Homeowners or Landlord Insurance for Renting Out My Home?

When purchasing insurance for a residential building, it’s important to get the right type of insurance. If you don’t, you may one day find that your building wasn’t as well protected as you thought. If you’re getting a place in Waitsfield, Vermont, you’ll probably want either a homeowners insurance policy or a landlord insurance policy. Here’s a look at these two types of insurance.


Some New Haven, VT Homeowners Insurance May Not Include the In-Laws

In-law apartments provide independence while maintaining a close proximity. In doing so, they sometimes blur the lines between immediate and extended family -- especially from an insurance perspective. If you have a home in New Haven, Vermont, and your parents live in an in-law apartment attached to your house, your homeowners insurance policy might provide coverage for them and their belongings.


Renters Insurance May Not Cover Home Offices for Renters in Barre, VT

Most renters in Barre, Vermont are able to find at least one (if not several) personal policies, including renters insurance policies, that provide the insurance coverages they need. Tenants who have a home office, however, may not be able to find a renters policy that meets all of their needs. Here’s why.


Small Biz Tips in New Haven, VT: Why You Need a Business Owners Policy

A business owners policy is an insurance package that combines multiple business insurance policies into one, convenient package. Business owners policies may not be right for every business, but lots of New Haven, VT small businesses would benefit from the coverages that one can provide.


Homeowners Insurance For Warren, VT Residents: How to Read Your Policy

After purchasing homeowners insurance from an insurer that serves Warren, VT, you’ll likely receive a copy of your homeowners policy. This is a packet of paperwork that details all of your policy’s terms, conditions, coverages, and limitations. Reading through this packet may be intimidating, but it’s important to understand the policy so that you know the extent of your homeowners protections. Here’s a guide to what you’ll likely find in your homeowners policy.


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