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Does My Condo Insurance Policy Cover My Condominium When I’m Gone?

Condo insurance policies typically provide a host of projections for the condominiums they insure, but those protections are sometimes confined by a policy’s terms and conditions. With some policies, many of the coverages provided are only in effect so long as the unit is occupied. If you own a condominium in Vermont that’s unoccupied for any substantial amount of time, make sure your condominium insurance policy will continue to cover your unit.


How Much Coverage Will a Classic Car Insurance Policy Provide for My Vintage Automobile?

A well-chosen car insurance policy will insure the covered vehicle for its full value. With standard car insurance policies, determining the appropriate amount of coverage is a fairly simple process. Determining how much coverage a classic car insurance policy should provide, however, is often a more involved matter. If you’re insuring a vintage automobile in Vermont, here are a couple of ways that a policy’s coverage might be determined.


How Does a Traffic Ticket Impact My Vermont Car Insurance Premiums?

Being issued a traffic ticket, whether in Vermont or some other state, usually requires you to pay fees and/or fines. Certain tickets may also cause your car insurance premiums to go up. Here’s a look at how being ticketed might affect your auto insurance rates, along with what you can do to minimize any impact the ticket has.


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