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Does My Condo Insurance Policy Cover My Condominium When I’m Gone?

Condo insurance policies typically provide a host of projections for the condominiums they insure, but those protections are sometimes confined by a policy’s terms and conditions. With some policies, many of the coverages provided are only in effect so long as the unit is occupied. If you own a condominium in Vermont that’s unoccupied for any substantial amount of time, make sure your condominium insurance policy will continue to cover your unit.


Why to Check Your Condo Insurance for Loss Assessments Protection

Condominium owners generally aren’t held personally liable for accidents that happen in their building’s common areas. They can, however, end up being financially responsible for any accidents that their association is held liable for. If you own a condominium in Bradford, Vermont, make sure your personal condo insurance policy provides protection against this potential risk. The coverage to look for is loss assessment coverage.


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