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How Can Small Businesses in Vermont Save on a Business Owners Policy?

Business owners policies offer affordable coverages for small businesses, but the premiums for these policies still vary. While Vermont businesses can’t do much about their industry, size, claims history or other factors that influence premiums, there are a few steps that could help save on a business owners policy.


Beyond Driving: Lesser-Known Ways for Vermont Drivers to Save on Car Insurance

Insurance companies offer plenty of potential discounts on car insurance, and most drivers are aware of the common ones. Bundling policies, installing a security alarm, driving safely, and not driving a lot are just a few examples. There are still many other ways to reduce premiums, though. Here’s what else you can do to save on auto premiums, even if you’re already taking advantage of those more common discounts.


How Much Does Classic Car Insurance Pay if the Insured Vehicle is Totaled?

Should drivers ever have a comprehensive or collision claim for damage to their car, a typical auto insurance policy will pay up to the vehicle's value. This doesn’t always work with classic cars and other rare models, though, as value doesn’t automatically equate to the amount of protection that drivers need. Here’s a look at the two main ways that insurers determine the maximum amount a classic car insurance policy will pay for these types of claims.


What is the Self-Insured Retention in My Company’s Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Understanding the terms in a commercial umbrella insurance policy (or any insurance policy) is a fundamental step toward fully understanding what protections the policy affords. As you read through your Vermont company’s commercial umbrella policy, “self-insured retention” is one term you may come across. Here’s an explanation of what this is and how it impacts the protections a policy provides.


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