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How Much Coverage Will a Classic Car Insurance Policy Provide for My Vintage Automobile?

A well-chosen car insurance policy will insure the covered vehicle for its full value. With standard car insurance policies, determining the appropriate amount of coverage is a fairly simple process. Determining how much coverage a classic car insurance policy should provide, however, is often a more involved matter. If you’re insuring a vintage automobile in Vermont, here are a couple of ways that a policy’s coverage might be determined.


How Does a Traffic Ticket Impact My Vermont Car Insurance Premiums?

Being issued a traffic ticket, whether in Vermont or some other state, usually requires you to pay fees and/or fines. Certain tickets may also cause your car insurance premiums to go up. Here’s a look at how being ticketed might affect your auto insurance rates, along with what you can do to minimize any impact the ticket has.


Does My Vermont Car Insurance Cover Driving for a Rideshare Service?

Ridesharing has quickly become a mainstream way for people to get around. It’s also become a viable means for drivers throughout Vermont to earn extra money. Before driving for a ridesharing service, however, Vermont drivers should first check their car insurance to make sure they’ll be properly protected. In some cases, drivers might need to purchase additional coverage. 


Do I Need Comprehensive Coverage for My Car Insurance?

When purchasing car insurance in Bradford, Vermont, drivers have several optional coverages to consider. One option coverage that many drivers select is comprehensive coverage. Here’s how to decide whether this coverage makes sense for you.


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