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3 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance When Buying a Bike in Barre

Motorcycle insurance companies take many factors into account when calculating policy premiums. In addition to considering a rider’s age, record, experience, and location (such as Barre, Vermont), insurers also take into account the bike that the rider owns. If you’re looking to buy a new motorcycle, here are three ways you can keep your future insurance premiums.

Motorcycle Insurance Barre VT

Bikers in Barre Can Save on Motorcycle Insurance When Buying a Bike with These 3 Tips

1. Choose a Bike with Fewer CCs

Forgo the temptation to purchase the largest, most powerful bike the showroom. Instead, opt for something a little smaller and less powerful, and you’ll likely be rewarded with lower premiums. Insurance companies often charge less for policies on smaller bikes than on larger ones, because smaller bikes are less risky to ride. They can’t go as fast as quickly, and, therefore, your risk of being in an accident is decreased.

Insurers usually categorize bikes according to how many CCs, or cubic centimeters, they have. This measurement is engine displacement, or the volume of the cylinders in an engine. The more CCs a bike has, the more powerful it is.

To get as powerful a bike as possible without paying more than you have to for insurance, contact a motorcycle insurance agent in Barre and ask them exactly how insurers categorize motorcycles’ power. Most insurers lump bikes with similar CCs into the same category. Your insurance agent will be able to tell you where the category breaks are, and then you’ll be able to choose a bike that’s in the upper range of one of the less powerful -- and less expensive -- categories.

For instance, an insurer might put motorcycles that have between 500 and 599 CCs into the same category. By getting a bike that has just below 600 CCs, you may be able to increase your bike’s power slightly without raising your premiums.

2. Forgo Any Sport or Supersport Styles

There are two reasons why getting a sport or supersport bike will likely increase your premiums. First, sport and supersport bikes usually increase the cost of a bike and, therefore, the amount an insurer might need to pay if the bike’s damaged in a covered incident. Second, sport and supersport bikes are sometimes considered riskier models, so insurers charge more to offset the increased likelihood of an accident and claim.

Although the sport and supersport styles may be tempting, forgo any of these upgrade packages if you want to keep your premiums (and the price of your bike) as low as possible.

3. Don’t Trick Out Your Bike with Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts let you personalize your bike, but they can also significantly increase your premiums. Some aftermarket parts make your insurance premiums go up because they, like a more powerful engine or a sport package, are often viewed as riskier features by insurers. Even aftermarket parts that don’t affect the performance or safety of your bike, though, can increase the cost of your insurance. Insurance policies don’t always include coverage for these parts, so riders sometimes have to pay more to increase their policies’ coverages.

Talk with a Barre Motorcycle Insurance Agent Before Getting a Bike

To make sure you have an idea of how much your premiums will be after you buy your bike, contact a motorcycle insurance agent in Barre before you go to get a bike. They’ll be able to provide you with a ballpark figure, although they probably won’t be able to get you an exact amount until you purchase a bike and have its VIN. They’ll also be able to help you determine what type of bike you’ll be happy with any won’t cost a lot to insure.

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