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Homeowners Insurance in Vergennes: Are Your CDs Protected in Your Car?

CD collections cost a lot to replace if they’re lost. Even a collection of 200 CDs, which is sizeable but not unusual, would cost $1,000 to replace if each CD were available at a store in Vergennes, Vermont for just $5.00. Because it can cost so much to replace CD collections, it’s important to make sure yours is properly insured no matter where it goes. Specifically, you should make sure your homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for your CDs when you leave them in your car.

Homeowners Insurance Vergennes VT

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover Your CDs When You’re Driving Around Vergennes and Listening to Them?

Your CDs May Not Be Covered When They’re in Your Car

Generally speaking, your homeowners policy will provide coverage for your CD collection through its personal property coverage. The protection the policy affords, however, may be limited to only when your CDs are inside your house.

Many homeowners and auto policies exclude coverage for sound transmitting equipment, sound receiving equipment and audio media that are used in a car. The list of excluded items typically includes CDs and tapes (in case you have any of those left).

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If your CDs are stolen from your car while it’s parked on a Vergennes street, your homeowners and auto policies likely won’t cover the loss if they have exclusions that prohibit coverage for audio media stored in cars.

You May Be Able to Find Coverage Through a Homeowners Insurance Policy

Even though many homeowners insurance policies have these exclusions, you can probably find a policy that will give you coverage for your CDs -- including when they’re stored in your car. You may have to shop around and look at a few policies. You should be able to find one that either doesn't have any exclusions that would limit coverage for your CDs when they’re in your car or offers this coverage as an add-on.

Even if you have to pay extra for it, the additional protection is usually well worth the cost. It’s usually only a few dollars, and you’ll be able to safely leave your CDs where you listen to them -- in your car.

Homeowners Insurance Vergennes Vermont

An Independent Agent in Vergennes, VT Can Help You Find a Policy with Coverage

Instead of going through policy after policy yourself, you can have an independent insurance agent who serves Vergennes help you find a homeowners policy. An agent can quickly compare all of the homeowners insurance policies available to you, showing you which ones have the coverages or add-on options that you want for your CDs. Best of all, asking an independent agent for help won’t cost you anything. It could actually save you money, as they’ll be able to show you which insurance company offers the best value homeowners policy that meets your needs.


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