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Homeowners Insurance in Moretown: Get Better Quotes for Your Home

Whenever you’re making a big purchase, it’s important to shop around for the best value. Most people will look up prices on a television that costs a few hundred dollars before buying one, and some will even spend time researching prices when buying something small, like a book. If you’ll shop around when buying something that’s a few hundred dollars, then it only makes sense that you would shop around for the best value when getting a new homeowners insurance policy that can cost thousands per year. Thankfully, a independent insurance agent can help you compare homeowners policies in Moretown, Vermont in just minutes.


Homeowners Insurance in Vergennes: Are Your CDs Protected in Your Car?

CD collections cost a lot to replace if they’re lost. Even a collection of 200 CDs, which is sizeable but not unusual, would cost $1,000 to replace if each CD were available at a store in Vergennes, Vermont for just $5.00. Because it can cost so much to replace CD collections, it’s important to make sure yours is properly insured no matter where it goes. Specifically, you should make sure your homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for your CDs when you leave them in your car.


Homeowners Insurance in Montpelier: Covering Your Valuable Artwork

Even though price isn’t necessarily indicative of beauty, many of the fine pieces of art that collectors purchase are worth a significant amount. In some cases, their value exceeds the standard coverage that most homeowners insurance policies afford. In order to make sure their collection is fully insured, therefore, art collectors in Montpelier, Vermont can’t just purchase any homeowners policy. Instead, they should talk with a knowledgeable insurance agent who can help them explore all their coverage options.


Important Car Recall Safety Tips for Vermont Drivers

A recent study by Recall Masters reported that each day there are 955,368 used cars for sale. Of this number, 36,105 are cars with open recalls on them. Sixty-two percent of these cars have active recalls that require attention, which means your safety and the safety of your passengers may be at stake. When we looked at the most common culprits behind the recalls, we found topping the list at just shy of seven percent is the defective hood latch.


3 Questions for Your Contractors Insurance Agent in Waterbury, Vermont

Contractors, like most business owners, need insurance to protect their company from a variety of potential risks. The risks that contractors face, however, are unique to their industry, and they, therefore, have unique insurance needs. If you’re a contractor in Waterbury, one of the easiest ways to find the insurance policies your company needs is to work with a knowledgeable contractors insurance agent who’s licensed in Vermont. Here are three questions to help you find just such an agent.


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