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Workers Compensation Insurance for Your Warren, VT Business: Two Markets

Most businesses in Warren, VT that hire employees will need workers compensation insurance. This type of insurance is generally designed to compensate workers for medical bills and lost income that are caused by a job-related injury. If you have a young business in the area and are looking to hire your company’s first employees, here’s how to find this type of insurance.


3 Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance When Buying a Bike in Barre

Motorcycle insurance companies take many factors into account when calculating policy premiums. In addition to considering a rider’s age, record, experience, and location (such as Barre, Vermont), insurers also take into account the bike that the rider owns. If you’re looking to buy a new motorcycle, here are three ways you can keep your future insurance premiums.


Workers Compensation Insurance in Bradford: What is Covered for You?

Workers compensation insurance is designed to help employees if they’re ever hurt while on the job. A policy will often cover medical bills and income lost due to a covered claim (exact coverages vary). What precisely counts as a covered claim is determined by each policy’s terms and conditions, but it often includes more than simple injuries. If you own a business in Bradford, Vermont, your company’s workers compensation policy may well cover these three potential scenarios


Barre Startup Advice: Budget for a BOP With General Liability Insurance

When drawing up a budget proposal for a new business, there are many expenses to include. You need to account for everything from legal fees for registering your company to a marketing campaign. One thing that is sometimes overlooked, but shouldn’t be, is a business owners policy (BOP) that includes general liability insurance. If you’re starting up a company in Barre, Vermont, make sure you include a policy quote in your projected expenses.


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