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Am I Still Covered by My Vermont Car Insurance When Speeding?

How you drive has an impact on your car insurance, and speeding is no exception. You’ll usually be covered if you’re in an accident on one of Vermont’s roads while going too fast. Your act of speeding can still have impacts on your claim and premiums, however.

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Will My Vermont Car Insurance Cover Me When Speeding?

How speeding impacts your car insurance claim and premiums may depend on how fast you’re going, and Vermont’s car insurance laws also come into play. Policy specifics can vary, but most policies don’t exclude coverage for going a little over the posted speed limit.

Depending on the specifics of an accident, you may need comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, personal injury protection (PIP), medical payments coverage, property damage liability coverage, and/or bodily injury liability coverage. An insurance agent who specializes in auto insurance can help you make sure the right coverages are included in your policy.

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Speeding is considered in at-fault states like Vermont

Vermont auto insurance laws make the state an at-fault (or tort) state. In most accidents occurring on the state’s roads, each driver normally bears responsibility proportional to their fault in an accident. 

For example, a driver who is 100% at fault will likely be responsible for all injuries and damages resulting from an accident. If the fault is determined to be 60% one driver’s fault and 40% the other driver’s, then they’d be proportionately responsible for injuries and damages.

Speeding doesn’t automatically make you solely responsible for an accident, but it certainly can increase your portion of the fault. By increasing how much you're at fault, speeding could make you liable for more costs and increase how much your insurance company must pay.

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Expect future premiums to increase if speeding

Should you be speeding at the time of an accident, you can expect your future auto premiums to go up. 

Unless your auto policy has accident forgiveness, your premiums will likely go up anytime you’re partially at fault for an accident. The premiums will probably jump more if you’ve been speeding, however. 

How much they increase is often partially determined by how much you’re at fault, and also possibly by how much your insurance company must pay. Speeding can increase both of these.

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Reckless driving may not be covered

Vermont state laws generally treat speeding by more than 30 mph over the posted speed limit as “negligent operation” (more commonly called reckless driving). This can be a criminal offense, resulting in fines, jail time, your vehicle being impounded, potential license suspension and other consequences.

One of the other consequences is that many auto policies exclude negligent driving from their protections. If you’re in an accident while speeding by more than 30 mph, your auto policy might not provide any coverage.

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Get help with auto insurance

If you need assistance finding a car insurance policy in Vermont, or want to better understand what coverages your policy provides, contact the independent insurance agents at Paige & Campbell Insurance. Our agents are always available to answer questions, compare coverages, and generally make sure you’re protected when on the road.

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