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Assault and battery insurance is a particular form of commercial liability insurance that’s specifically designed to mitigate a business’ liability in the event of a covered physical confrontation.
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What is Assault and Battery Insurance?

People can often be held responsible for any damage or injuries that they cause during a physical confrontation, but liability isn’t always limited to only the individuals who are involved in a confrontation. In some cases, businesses are also held responsible for confrontations too. Assault and battery insurance may help protect Vermont businesses in the hospitality industry from this type of potential risk,

Assault and battery insurance is a particular form of commercial liability insurance that’s specifically designed to mitigate a business’ liability in the event of a covered physical confrontation. Like most liability policies, the protection offered by this type of insurance normally helps cover legal fees and settlements that arise from covered claims.

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What Vermont Businesses Can Benefit from an Assault and Battery Policy’s Protections?

Assault and battery policies may be used to protect Vermont businesses in several different industries, but this type of insurance is often especially important to businesses in the hospitality industry. Bars, restaurants and clubs are sometimes sued when their patrons get in fights, and having coverage could help mitigate the costs of such a lawsuit.

Other businesses that might want this coverage include festival organizers, entertainment venues, bounty hunters, private investigators and bodyguards. Any business that has employees or customers who get into physical confrontations may benefit from the protections that a policy affords.

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What Kinds of Confrontations Does an Assault and Battery Policy Protect Hospitality Businesses Form?

Exactly what a specific assault and battery policy covers is determined by that policy’s terms and conditions, and coverages vary from one policy to the next. Often, however, assault and battery policies protect businesses in the hospitality industry from two common kinds of confrontations.

First, a policy might cover a confrontation where an employee physically confronts a patron. For example, a policy may cover injuries sustained by a patron who’s removed from a bar or club by the establishment’s bouncer.

Second, a policy might also cover a confrontation between two patrons. If a couple of customers get into a fight, for instance, a policy may extend protection to the business for any lawsuits that are filed because of the incident.

An insurance agent who specializes in this type of insurance can help businesses determine exactly what a particular policy will and won’t cover.

Why Can Businesses Be Held Liable for Physical Confrontations?

Depending on the specifics of a physical confrontation, there are a few different reasons why a business might be held responsible and sued for injury-related costs.

First, sometimes a business’ employee causes the injury. When a bouncer has to physically remove a patron, for example, the establishment that employs the bouncer might be held responsible for any injuries the patron sustains because the bouncer is an employee.

Second, bars, restaurants, clubs and other businesses that serve alcohol are sometimes sued if one or more intoxicated patrons get into a confrontation. When a business allows a patron to become intoxicated so that their judgement is clouded, the business is often held responsible for major issues (such as fights) that ensue.

Finally, businesses are occasionally sued not because they’re actually responsible but because they have assets that make them a target for opportunistic lawsuits. Should a business face a covered opportunistic lawsuit, an assault and battery policy may cover the cost of fighting the lawsuit (up to the policy’s limit).

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How Can Vermont Businesses Get Assault and Battery Insurance?

If you run a Vermont business that could benefit from assault and battery insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Paige & Campbell Insurance for help selecting a policy. Our agents can help you get quotes from multiple insurers in the state, and we have the expertise needed to help you select the best available option.

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