About Paige & Campbell

Paige & Campbell, Inc. and its related Taylor Palmer agency is a full service independent insurance agency with offices in Barre, Bradford, Bristol and Waitsfield Vermont. We have been providing for the insurance needs of Vermonters for more than 100 years and are one of the leading agencies in Vermont.

History of Agency

The Paige & Campbell, Inc. agency was founded originally as Place & Paige by Charles Paige in 1907 and was located in the Bolster Block in downtown Barre. Within the first few years, Herman Campbell joined the agency and the name was changed to Paige & Campbell. Upon the death of Mr. Paige, his son-in-law, Harold F Shea, assumed ownership and incorporated the business which became Paige & Campbell, Inc.

Over the years since, the agency has grown and purchased a number of other agencies in Central Vermont. Among the more notable are the acquisition of the Brown Agency's Waitsfield office in 1978, the Frattini Agency in Barre in 1989, and the J W Dillon Agency of Barre in 1990. In 1994, the Bristol office was established. More recently, the agency purchased the Taylor Palmer Agency in Bradford, Vermont in April of 2003.

Today, Paige & Campbell, Inc. has offices in Barre, Bristol and Waitsfield and continues to operate as the Taylor Palmer Agency in Bradford.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide Vermonters with high quality sound professional insurance advice, service and products from stable, financially secure and reputable insurers at a competitive price.

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